A. Please read the following instructions before you begin the application process:

  • There are no deadlines for submission of a request and all requests are responded to in writing.RL-audit-report

  • You may expect the process to take approximately 180 days.

  • When a proposal is received, it is scheduled for our next available Preliminary Review Committee, which meets monthly. It is this Committee, comprised of Foundation Trustees, which will determine if the proposal will be reviewed by our full board of trustees for possible funding.

  • We do not require, request or desire to receive Letters of Intent or Inquiry.  (Any US based non-profit organization, that falls within the foundation guidelines, is welcome to submit a proposal for consideration).
  • Please note that only organizations based in the United States, and recognized as a non-profit by the IRS, may submit a proposal.
  • Please DO NOT send double sided copies.

B. Include the following with all proposals (For consideration by Preliminary Review Committee)

  1. Cover Letter (which includes the specific request amount and project budget)
  2. Complete Proposal ( DO NOT BIND or STAPLE PROPOSAL)
  3. One copy of your United States IRS tax exempt status letter
  4. Most recent organizational budget as approved by Board of Directors
  5. Completed Chatlos Foundation Application (click for application page)